Coach tour, a new idea in Iran + video, photo


Foreign tourists join the nomadic nomadic tour!

Iran-Nomodtors ( is a start-up business that aims to protect subcultures exposed to forgetfulness, starting with the nomads, and one of its flagship products is the Walking Nomads Tour Is.

The group is also pursuing projects in other pristine areas of Iran rich in culture and nature that seek to incorporate principles of sustainable development and relevant sociological principles into both tourist behavior and community engagement. Observe locally.

Including that tourism is the subsistence of indigenous peoples' livelihoods, not alternative livelihoods to help preserve the relevant subculture, or that tourism revenues should reach the areas in which they are located.

One of the villages located along the Kuchi route and welcoming tourists is the Khawai village. That is why Nomodtors intends to assist in its development process.

Tourists who have experienced the nomadic tour with the nomads have found this experience to be one of their best experiences. Some of these tourists have experienced many tourist destinations around the world and their feedback is very meaningful.

Some users believe that this kind of work is a positive step forward in introducing Iranian tourism capacity to the world. According to some users, the Kuch tour can be defined as a special tour of the world that can help preserve this culture and bring Iran and its history to the world.

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