Claudia Lopez, a lesbian with a vast political career, is the first mayor of Bogota


BOGOTA (Sputnik) – Claudia Lopez, who was elected in elections as the first woman mayor of Bogota for the period 2020-2013, is a lesbian, center-leftist with extensive academic preparation and a vast political career, which went from senator to presidential candidate .

"Thank you Bogota! Thanks to the girls, young people, women and families made freehand like mine! We show that when we choose what unites us we not only win but we change history! For the first time in the history, we won the mayor's office of Bogota, "the elected mayor Claudia Lopez celebrated in her Twitter social network account.

Lopez, mostly supported by young people and members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex community, has as a couple Senator Angelica Lozano, with whom she celebrated Sunday's achievement.
Sum 1,103,210 votes (35.23%), followed by independent Carlos Fernando Galan, with 1,017,039 votes (32.47%) and leftist Hollman Morris, of the Human Colombia party, which reaches 438,147 votes (13.99% ), according to bulletin number 29 of the National Registry of Civil Status, the body that coordinates the elections in the country, with 99.50% of the tables scrutinized in Bogota.
Meanwhile, right-wing Miguel Uribe Turbay has 424,755 votes (13.56%) and the blank vote, 148,250 votes (4.73%).

Lopez, from the Alianza Verde party (center-left), has a degree in Finance, Government and International Relations from the Externado University (Bogota) and has a master's degree in Public Administration and Urban Policy from Columbia University, in New York (USA) , northeast).
She was also a "fellow" at Yale University in 2009 and recently graduated as a doctor in Political Science from Northwestern University in Chicago (USA, north), through a Fullbright scholarship.
The new mayor of Bogota made her first approaches to Colombian politics between 1989 and 1990, when she was part of a student movement that promoted the 1991 Constitution.

Apart from politics, Claudia Lopez has worked as a researcher at the Nuevo Arcoiris Foundation, a center of thought, research and social action for national reconciliation, as well as for the Political Observatory of the Civil Observation Mission of Civil Society and as analyst for different national media.
In 2014, she was elected senator of the Republic by the Green Alliance party with 81,000 votes, making her the most voted candidate of that group.
In September 2017, the Green Alliance proclaimed her presidential candidate for the 2018 elections, but then decided to support the center-left candidate Sergio Fajardo so that he was the presidential candidate of the now known Coalition Colombia.

On February 28 of last year, Fajardo announced it as his vice-presidential formula, and in the presidential elections of May 27, 2018 both were third parties with 4.5 million votes, below the rightist Ivan Duque, current president of Colombia , and the former mayor of Bogota and former presidential candidate of the left Gustavo Petro.

Last July she registered as a candidate for mayor of Bogota, also endorsed by the left-wing Democratic Pole party.

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