CHP'li Cevikoz: There are a number of members of the Syrian National Army in the field can not control the TSK


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CHP Istanbul deputy and Deputy Chairman Unal Cevikoz, criticizing Turkey's Syria policy, given the situation on the ground, the Syrian government has expressed so close and so if confronted.

Parliamentary General Assembly, Turkey, Lebanon, stationed at the United Nations Interim Task Force (UNIFIL) Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) MPs on the Presidential Permit for the further extension of 1 year duration of the support given by elements of the assessment found.

CHP Deputy Chairman said that an unprincipled on hold parties in foreign policy in his speech in this context and Istanbul deputy Unal Cevikoz Syria when there is a management, while an army of this administration, 'around, collected by irregular and international public opinion, the head of Turkey corrupt group 'a group of so-called' Syrian National Army is called good neighborly relations and principle, he said.

ÇevikOz, "in the field of Turkish Armed there are many Syrian National Army member, can not control their forces. Today, Turkey accounted for most of the expense reports of the actions of this group. The ruling, simulating the Kuva-yi Milliye the heedlessness to fall by this group of our country must take the necessary measures against letting faced with a ithaca as a violation of international law . United States about keeping away from the safe area of ​​Turkey entering these groups we would like to ask whether any guarantees, "he said.

Lebanese internal politics reminiscent passed through a fragile period ÇevikOz, 'judge of Turkey's policy towards the Middle East shades of sectarian perspective of' the need to practice in Lebanon relations, non-interference in Lebanon's internal affairs, said the focus should be on an equal distance from all sectors in the country.

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