CHP Karaca: We can not say that we have saved Kaz Mountains yet


CHP Deputy Chairman Gulizar Bicer Karaca, the starting point of the license exploration company stated that the extension of the term of the program and evaluated the latest situation in the Kaz Mountains. Karaca said that it is too early to say that the Kaz Mountains have survived.

One of the unique natural areas where hundreds of thousands of trees have been cut down, the Fear of Kaz Mountains will soon start gold exploration and the soil will be cleaned with cyanide. Citizens who did not leave the region for months kept the trees on the agenda, demonstrations to prevent chemicals from touching the soil.

The Canadian mining company, whose mining exploration license expired on October 13th, fell on the agenda as a bomb, but the company shared that it had suspended its activities until 2021. CHP Deputy Chairman Gulizar Bicer Karaca, starting point in the program does not mean that nature is saved, how the license was not given, how and for what reasons, the Parliament itself questioned. Khan, in need of rescue in Turkey stressed that many of the wonders of nature areas:


“I cannot say that the Kaz Mountains survived. Only on October 13, we received information that the expired license was not renewed. The Canadian firm made a statement and announced that it had stopped mining prospects in the Kirazlıtepe area until 2021. This does not mean that the license will not be renewed. This step back made all nature lovers happy. However, it is too early to rejoice that the exploration activities there are completely over.
We do not know whether the license will be renewed. In this sense, I asked the Ministry with a series of questions as to whether the application was made both by obtaining information and by the proposal of the question and why it was not renewed. I will get the answers to these questions in 15-20 days. If the license has not been renewed, the Canadian company cannot claim any rights in the area and the wire fences are taken from there. However, in order to give a clear answer, we need to ask whether it has been renewed, whether an application has been made or why it has not been renewed.

citizens on the nature of the struggle in Turkey is very sensitive. Those who are on guard in the Kaz Mountains, and we are not going to be deprived of our actions. The case of my application that the fake signature was used in the expert report still continues. It will continue until the result is obtained.


Multinational companies have OECD rules that need to be audited and followed. We have identified a complaint procedure if OECD rules are not followed even if the legal remedies of the country in which a multinational company operates are exhausted. At present, it is in contradiction with the environmental regulations of the Canadian rules made by the Canadian firm in the Kaz Mountains. We are taking steps to apply to the OECD's complaints department. Our friends that the nature of the struggle in Turkey will continue to fight until we say all mining activities in the Kaz Mountains are prohibited.
Murat Mountain, Munzur, Ordu Fatsa is a serious massacre in nature. I made the following statement: Every corner of the country daggers are stabbing to kill our nature. Legal and moral support will be provided to our struggle if the question proposal reaches the expected result. The struggle that the villagers of Bergama started 30 years ago will continue.

Even if it is a step back, the resistance of the people always makes a sound and no regulation is possible despite the people. We will unite and protect our underground and surface wealth.

When a Canadian firm withdraws, rumors circulate as domestic companies will come. Not because the company is foreign, we started resistance to eliminate the damage to the Kaz Mountains. If the Canadian company abandons its activities, our struggle in this sense will continue again. ”

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