Chef Rubio to Salvini: "Your voters are demented"


Don't calm down Chef Rubio. The cook is bringing out the worst of himself, now out of control. Vulgarity, malice, envy. Or perhaps search for the spotlight, as his program is in a black crisis. So, much better than his "greasy and greasy" dishes, the excesses against Salvini give him notoriety. Indeed, even better. Offenses to his voters. The usual roundup of horrible tweets begins: "A Salvini courtesy, really. Don't mention me on Instagram anymore: I have mail invaded byyour supporters minus habens that insult me ​​and prevent me from responding to my people, "the chef wrote on the social media. After this infamous offense to many Italians, there is no appeal. He had already taken the insults of half the world after his infamous comments on the death of the two policemen in the Trieste shooting.

So, after the disgusting insults that the chef took from the Italians who feel hurt if they attack the police, Chef Rubio who does? He says that all this is the fault of Salvini and his constituents. As if the widespread antipathy towards him was not flour of his envy. Yes, an absurd person. Yet. Chef Rubio, never subdued, does not put a brake on his smallness of mind and even went so far as to question the sickness that struck Salvini: "Since you take the photos even when you do blood tests to show how good you are , why don't you show us the medical report? It is not worth postdating it ". Salvini's answer: «But what problem does this gentleman have ??? Even on a health problem he manages to make controversy, what a squalid person… ".

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