Charged his phone in the mosque, 10 TL wanted to leave halallik note


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Kırıkkale a person who charges his phone in the mosque, leaving a note with 10 pounds asked the imam halallik.

Unidentified people who charge the mobile phone using the wall socket at the Central Mosque in the district of Bisheyh yesterday evening, left a note with 10 lira on the table at the exit. Unidentified person in the note, "Sir, I used the mosque outlet for 5 minutes, I used 2-3 liters of water in the fountain. Halallik your right. I want the congregation also want halallik. Add this little money to the electricity bill. Hurmetlerimle" wanted.

Imam Abdulselam Bedirel, who saw the money and the note on the table when he came to the mosque, shared this in his social media account.

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