CDU parliamentary group wants to sue against Mietendeckel law


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The Berlin CDU faction has announced that it will file a lawsuit against the Mietendeckel law. Reason are constitutional concerns. According to the group leader, the legal security for tenants and landlords in the foreground.

The CDU parliamentary group leader Burkard Dregger told the German Press Agency that they all had an interest in the law being reviewed as quickly as possible. That's what the CDU parliamentary group decided.

"We want legal security for tenants and landlords as quickly as possible, so we will complain in any case," said Burkard Dregger.

Controversial Lease Cover Law

The Senate passed the Mietendeckelgesetz on 22 October. Accordingly, the rents in Berlin are to be frozen for five years. Whether it could violate the Constitution, was previously controversial. One aspect of this is whether the state of Berlin may even initiate such a law. According to Dregger lies no legislative competence for the country ahead.

The Group leader also stated that the Coalition's statements made it clear that "even with a repeal of the law by the Federal Constitutional Court or the Constitutional Court of the Land Berlin ". The big question is how long such a procedure will last.

"We can use the judicial review procedure to give direct access to both constitutional courts," Dregger said. "There is no need for tenants or landlords to complain to the authorities, we can shorten this path."

Dregger very much hopes that there will be a clear decision in two years' time before the House election.
In the judicial review the Constitutional Court examines whether a legal regulation is compatible with the Basic Law. A judicial review action can be brought by the Federal Government, state governments or a quarter of the members of the Bundestag. Constitutional judges may annul the regulation or demand changes.

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