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Turkey's Foreign Ministry has advised they will review their travel plans to make Turkey the citizens of Catalonia.

Turkey's Foreign Ministry, because of the demonstrations taking place in Spain Catalonia Autonomous Region Turkish citizens, they will reconsider their travel plans to this country unless it is necessary for the recommendation.

In a statement from the ministry, in connection with the developments in Catalonia, especially in the region held in various demonstrations and mass actions in the region was noted.

The Turkish citizens living in the region or going as tourists to stay away from the mobility and crowded groups, the attention was drawn, said:

"In any case, they are advised to act with caution in the environment. For those who plan to travel to the region in the coming days if there is no mandatory reason to review these plans may be useful. Road closure, interruptions in urban and intercity transportation, including public transport In particular, it should be noted that the demonstrations at the Barcelona Airport disrupt the operation of the airport and lead to delays and cancellations in certain flights and train flights ".

The statement of the Turkish Embassy in Madrid citizens of Turkey and underlined it would be useful to closely monitor social media accounts of the Consulate General in Barcelona.

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