Cat suspected of drug trafficking escapes in Russia before the trial begins (photos)


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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The cat allegedly used to transport drugs to a Russian prison escaped from an animal shelter before the judicial process, the Kommersant newspaper reported.

"They allowed us to let the cat out of the cage because it was cold and we were releasing it but one day dogs arrived in the territory and since they are so scared, it escaped," said one employee in a video recorded by Dmitri Sotnikov, lawyer of one of the accused of using the cat to take drugs to prison.

According to the investigation, in July 2018 a friend of the prisoner Eduard Dolguintsev put the cat born in jail a collar with a drug pocket.
Police arrested the accomplices, declared the feline "white, black and gray material test" and handed it to the animal shelter with an instruction to "guard it in a responsible manner."
The lawyer Sotnikov insists that the investigation failed to demonstrate that the cat was able to enter the territory of the jail from the outside or that the collar was put on.

The flight of the cat complicates the investigation and is a serious problem, lawyers interviewed by the newspaper agree.

One of them advocated investigating the loss of the material test and punish those responsible.

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