Cagliari, Nainggolan is ready to make a difference: directions for the Fantasy Football arrive


Rolando Maran, technician of Cagliari, talk like this a Radio24 of his beginning of season with the Sardinian formation. After an uphill start, the situation improved rapidly. These are his words.

"THEThe Italian championship is not easy, even less so on the left side of the ranking. We try, even to celebrate a truly important year for us and for the fans. We want to make them proud, and being in front of important teams at the moment is already something exceptional.

Fundamental Nainggolan, owner but director

Nainggolan? He is here to make a difference, he is a very important player for us. We expect a lot from him: he stopped for a small injury but together with him we can give more than our maximum. Of course he will play a lot, he is our pivot, especially for the construction of the game.

Seasonal goals? We have a far-sighted president, and we all want to grow this company together. The year is very special for anniversaries: being on the left side of the ranking is for us the same as winning a championship ”.

Therefore an undisputed holder, but confirmed in position of director. Not really an excellent role in terms of Fantasy Football, since in that position it is quite complicated to carry so many bonuses.

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