Brexit: 'possible agreement' on Ireland – Last Hour


(ANSA) – LONDON, OCTOBER 10 – Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar
"they see the path of a possible agreement" in extremis
on Brexit. This is stated in a joint widespread declaration
from Downing Street after a private meeting that the
British and Irish premieres held today at
Liverpool. No details on the discussion, defined anyway
"Constructive". The comparison now continues in "intense" form between
technical task forces and will be continued tomorrow in Brussels from
Minister Steve Barclay with the EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier.I
two prime ministers – reads the note – "have had one
Detailed and constructive discussion and both continue to
believe that a deal is in everyone's interest "." They are
agree to see the path of a possible agreement ",
reads the text, limiting itself to specifying that the comparison is
"focused on customs challenges" at the post Brexit border between
Northern Ireland and Ireland and "on the consensus" that the Northern Irish
they will have to give on the possible agreement.


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