Bolivia: Evo Morales calls to respect the Constitution


The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said he was open to dialogue with the international community on the post-election situation, but asked that the Constitution be respected, which clearly indicates the requirements for a second round.

"Dialogue always open, but above the dialogue here the first thing is to respect our internal norms, our Constitution. I call on organizations, personalities, to respect our Political Constitution of the State," said the governor at a press conference, where he returned to be proclaimed winner in the first round of the presidential elections last Sunday.
Morales reached in the first minutes the necessary advantage to win reelection in the first round, he showed the official count of the elections updated online by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.
When the count arrived at 98% of the voting records, at 00:08 local time the ruler added 46.76% of the valid votes, with 10.02 points of difference over the second, former president Carlos Mesa, who He kept his call for mobilizations against an alleged fraud to eliminate the possibility of a second round.

Meanwhile, in Ecuador, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the country announced the stoppage of the dialogues with the Government of Lenin Moreno.
While in Uruguay, citizens take to the streets to reject the constitutional reform that will be celebrated next Sunday.
In Chile, the forgiveness of Sebastian Pinera did not calm the anger of the citizens, who announce a two-day general strike.

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