Bloody toll … clashes between parties and the readiness for sit – ins in southern Iraq


Armed clashes erupted until the early morning hours of Saturday, October 26, in the far south of Iraq, between armed factions belonging to influential parties, after the burning of their headquarters following the popular rebellion against corruption and demands for radical solutions that give citizens a better life.

Flames and clashes rose loudly in about seven provinces of southern Iraq, after the withdrawal of security forces, to empty the scene in front of a party and factional conflict that killed leaders in the Popular Mobilization factions.

The toll of violence, which has affected participants in demonstrations in Baghdad, the central provinces and the south, has continued to rise to 32 people so far, and thousands wounded.

The Iraqi security expert, senior researcher in the affairs of armed groups, Hisham al-Hashemi, in an interview with "Sputnik" in Iraq, today, that the latest update of the death toll of the victims of the demonstrations of 25 October, rose to 32 dead, and about 3000 wounded in Baghdad, and seven southern provinces.

Hashemi added that preparations have begun to announce sit-ins in the central squares in the seven provinces.

He reported that the factional and partisan conflict in seven provinces of southern Iraq resulted in the burning and destruction of 88 headquarters, a party building and a government, especially, and the number of deaths in which nearly 27 people were killed due to factional fighting, without security forces intervening except the declaration of a ban Roaming in some provinces, clans mobilize for calm, contain chaos.

Late last night, the Joint Operations Command in Iraq issued a statement received by Sputnik threatening "terrorists who burn public property to treat them as terrorists."

The leadership said that "while the country is witnessing demonstrations to demand the rights guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution, some have exploited these demonstrations and worked to kill citizens and injure others and the burning and looting of public and private property, without any conscience, and therefore our heroic security forces of all kinds will deal with These terrorists are firmly criminalized in accordance with the anti-terrorism law, and these illegal acts are a crime that must be dealt with immediately in the field and urgent. "

The statement added: “ We also warn against tampering with the security of citizens and there will be strict measures against those who do not belong to peaceful demonstrators, and we call on the demonstrators to report them and not allow them to be in their ranks.The security services, as the Iraqi people, will be the categorical sword against terrorism and criminals. ''

Sputnik correspondent in Iraq learned from a source from inside the Wholesale Hospital near Tahrir Square, central Baghdad, on Friday evening, that the management of the hospital, as well as the hospitals of Sheikh Zayed, Al-Kindi and Al-Wasiti, issued an appeal to all its cadres to return from their vacation. Official.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, that the hospital wholesale nervousness, Sheikh Zayed, and Al-Wasiti, announced the state of alert, as a result of the great momentum of the injured who arrived from the demonstrations since last night.

A large number of demonstrators in their demonstrations, which mobilized, on Thursday evening October 24, in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and other provinces, central and south of the country, against corruption, demanding the dismissal of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, dissolution of parliament, and the call for a government rescue National, international elections under international supervision.

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