Beppe Grillo's provocation: "What if we take the elders' vote?"


"There are simply too many older voters and their numbers are growing. The vote should not be a perpetual privilege, but a participation in the continuous destiny of the political community, both in its benefits and in its risks ". Beppe Grillo, quoting an article published by New Republic in 1970, he launched a provocation from his blog: "And if we take away the vote for the elderly?", is the title of the post on the platform of the founder of the M5S.

Grillo's words are very strong and they arrive just at the moment when the debate on the possibility of widening the right to vote also to young people aged 16 and over is increasingly understood. "In an increasingly elderly world, experts, scholars and politicians propose to lower the voting age (I proposed it years ago) – writes the comedian who went into politics on -, but what should democracies do when the interests Do the elders seem to be at odds with the interests of the younger generation? "

The idea of ​​removing the vote of the elderly, according to what Grillo writes, "it arises from the assumption that once a certain age is reached, citizens will be less worried about the social, political and economic future than younger generations, and much less likely to bear the long-term consequences of political decisions" . And then: "In that case, their votes should be eliminated altogether, to ensure that the future is shaped by those who have a real interest in seeing their social design realized, still adds the founder of the Movement – The voters are, in a large measure, driven by personal interest, and the relatively low turnout of younger voters may be partly caused by feeling alienated from a political system run by people who do not consider themselves of their own nature ".

Grillo does not give a definition of elder. But he cites two Istat parameters: in our country people over 65, close to retirement age, or who have already stopped working, are now over 13 million and a half. The largest class is that of those between 65 and 69, but there are also 17,630 centenarians. Istat, in 2015, revealed that after the age of 65 1 person in 5 is not interested in politics and never talks about it and this percentage rises to about 1 in 3 people (32%) over 75 years.

In both cases, however it may be, even Beppe Grillo himself would be deprived of the right to vote, since the noble father of the grillini is 70 years old. But to deprive the elder citizens of the right to vote would be right ?, Grillo wonders rhetorically. The answer: "The first opposition would be that of discrimination, based on age. But it is false, for there to be discrimination there must be a different treatment between two or more groups / identities based on some arbitrary characteristics. In this case, age-differentiated policies do not divide the population into two or more groups, since we all become elderly in the end. So there is no injustice ". The debate is open.

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