Baghdadi neighbors believed he was a fabric merchant


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – ISIS * leader Abu Bakr Bagdadi who died on October 27 during a US operation in northwestern Syria was known to the inhabitants of the Syrian town of Barisha as a fabric merchant, the Daily newspaper reported. Sabah

"There was a large house there, and the man who lived in it was known as a cloth merchant by the name of Abu Muhammad Halabi," said local resident Abu Ahmed, quoted by the media.

Ahmed added that Baghdadi neighbors thought he and his family were migrants.
According to the media, Baghdadi's house – surrounded by concrete walls – was about 500 meters from the town.
Ahmed said that the US military arrived at Barisha at noon on October 27 and that the operation against Baghdad that lasted about four hours, caused damage to many homes in the town, while the terrorist's house was destroyed by a drone.

On October 27, US President Donald Trump announced the elimination of Baghdadi in a special operation by US forces in northwestern Syria.
He explained that the ISIS leader detonated a belt of explosives after finishing cornered in a tunnel, causing his own death and that of his three minor children.
Trump said the analyzes confirmed Baghdadi's identity.

Bagdadi first appeared in public in July 2014 in the Iraqi city of Mosul, where he proclaimed an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East.

Thereafter the media published several information about the annihilation of the terrorist leader, but none of them was confirmed.

* self-styled Islamic State, banned in Russia and other countries

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