Austria's railway manager demands equal opportunities for rail and truck


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The head of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), Andreas Matthä, has sharply criticized the still unequal competitive conditions between road and rail.

"The true cost between truck and train is a joke"Matthä said to the" Wiener Zeitung "(Saturday) that one third of the public transport was supported by noise abatement measures.
In addition, the companies in Austria alone benefited from a diesel privilege in the order of 700 million euros, while the 100 percent environmentally friendly traction current is taxed as high as anywhere else in Europe, Matthä the sheet said. The kerosene required in aviation is not taxed at all.

"We have to create the same conditions for everyone," says Matthä.

Matthä also called for uniform technical standards to facilitate rail travel in Europe. "There is the bane of history in Europe," continues Matthä. In the past every country had created its own norms so that in case of war the enemy could not use the tracks. Even today, nationally specific standards would apply, for example, to train safety, company regulations and licensing. "We have to allow our locomotives individually in each country," criticized Matthä. The aim, as in the case of lorries, is to obtain European approval.

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