Auchan-Conad, few answers National strike call


The modalities of the passage of the stores of the French chain to the Italian cooperative are still uncertain, the workers have thus decided to proclaim an abstention from work.

After the break of the negotiations, two weeks ago, at the end of a meeting in Rome, a meeting was held on Tuesday 15 October with representatives of the Conad Group at the regional level at the headquarters of Confesercenti in Milan. Even here, however, no concrete step forward has occurred.

Now, as part of the delicate transfer to Conad of the Auchan Retail Italia Group, the time for mobilization has arrived: for 30 October FILCAMS-CGIL, FISASCAT-CISL and UILTUCS-UIL have proclaimed a national strike for the entire shift in all the Auchan and Sma stores, as well as in all the sales points already subject to the transfer of a branch of business to Conad.

"We still have no definite answers on what is the main issue, namely the occupational stability," said Giuseppe Errico, Nicholas Pezze and Mario Colleoni for the FILCAMS-CGIL of Bergamo a short while ago. "Conad has not made any formal commitment to the more than 18,000 workers involved in all of Italy, including around 500 in the province of Bergamo, between the Curno supermarket and the SMA stores in Bolgare and Romano di Lombardia. For them, the sale should materialize by the first quarter of 2020 ».

On 30 September last, a draft text was presented to the other party which included the issues dear to the union: employment protection, art. 18 and its application also in the fragmentary nature of the points of sale, work organization and trade union viability.

"At the moment, however, we do not know the prospects of all the sales points or the future contractual working conditions", continued the three CGIL trade unionists. "What was announced to us by Conad is, instead, the intention to sell a part of the sales network to third parties without understanding to whom and under what conditions. Current supplementary bargaining was then canceled. That's why there is nothing left to do but strike ".

"At the national level the strike was proclaimed for the Auchan-Conad affair, but this will be declined in the territories, because each store has a story of its own, and our intention is to talk to the workers to decide with them how and when to every mobilization ". Alberto Citerio, general secretary of Fisascat Cisl, establishes the times for the demonstrations that on October 30, coinciding with the reopening of the table at the Mise.

"An unsatisfactory meeting, just as we expected", commented Monica Olivari, who for Fisascat Bergamo attended the meeting where the passage of the Curno supermarket to the Conad group was confirmed for next February.

"After the premise that all outstanding issues at the national table would not be addressed, we only had to listen to the executives make the list of stores that, four a week, will change the sign and the rebound of the situation on the issues still open. Fisascat has specified that work organization and schedules are topics to be discussed at a territorial level, so we asked for the commitment to start a regional table and enter into the merits of the issues that will be necessary to settle before defining each step "


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