Athletics World Cup 2019 – Shubenkov's most incredible victory in 2019


Sergey Shubenkov

Mikhail Chesalin
Mikhail Chesalin

“Try the blockage!” That's how Shubenkov won amazing gold!
This incredible victorious finish of Sergey will definitely go down in the history of athletics. If you haven’t entered yet!

Finish in somersault!

Athletics did not know such fantastic finishes!

In this final race of 110 meters with hurdles, everything developed so rapidly that at first none of the spectators really understood what really happened.

Russian Sergey Shubenkov he started rather weakly and decently lagged behind all his competitors at the starting meters, and his Jamaican runner immediately burst out ahead Omar Macleod. But, despite an unsuccessful start, Shubenkov managed to accelerate properly and began to overtake one opponent after another. At the last hurdle, he caught up with the leading MacLeod, and then events developed as brightly and dramatically as possible.

The Jamaican stumbled over the last barrier and began to tumble towards Shubenkov. Either by accident, or on purpose, he grabbed a Russian and dropped it. But since it was at the very last meters of the distance, Sergey managed to take a step to the finish line and crossed it first in some incredible somersault. In the biography of our sprinter, there was already a full set of World Cup awards, but he won the fall for the first time!

And even if it was just a stage of the “Diamond League” – 2019, Shubenkov’s crazy victory from this did not become less beautiful.

“Still, MacLeod has more benefit than harm. Well, I couldn’t run so fast, I’m sure if he didn’t break out at first and didn’t have to catch up. I feel like I'm stronger than I was. And the photo finish turned out to be epic, ”- Sergey reacted positively to what happened.

The fall brought Shubenkov not only a gold award, but also a large abrasion, which had to be healed for a couple of weeks. The damage healed, but the epic victory remained!

And yes, there were only three months left before the World Cup in Qatar …

Will there be gold?

What could be brighter than a brilliant golden finish in flight at the Diamond League stage? Of course, victory at the World Cup! Sergey surprised fans from all over the planet back in 2013, when unexpectedly for many he became a bronze medalist at the home world championship in Moscow. For two years, he made a powerful leap and in Beijing became the world champion. And in London in 2017, he fought for a gold medal in the status of a neutral athlete. Before the triumph it was not enough quite a bit – all the same Macleod at the finish was faster by some 0.1 seconds.

This is not to say that before the World Cup finals in Qatar, it was Sergei who was the main favorite of the competition. During the season, he won only two status finals: the same “flying” in Morocco and the week before – in Rome. Shubenkov had no more victories at international tournaments, however, he was almost always on the podium at the end of the finals.

Sergey’s condition and his result in the preliminary run allow counting on success at the main start of the season. The main thing is that no one tried to knock Sergei.

Or vice versa? The harder the brighter the victory?

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