Athletics World Cup 2019 – Shubenkov wins fourth consecutive award


Sergey Shubenkov - World Cup silver medalist

Mikhail Chesalin
Mikhail Chesalin

Urgent hide the flag of Russia! Shubenkov has another medal at the World Cup
Sprinter Sergey Shubenkov – vice champion in the hurdles. He had to pluck silver in a terrific fight.

Proved. And they will prove!

Shubenkov pulled out silver at the 2019 World Cup after an injury! He is just a hero!
Russian sprinter Sergey Shubenkov won the fourth medal at the fourth world championship. But they still won’t let him celebrate!

The stamina of the leaders of the Russian athletics team can only be amazed. For many years now they have been fighting for medals and titles without the ability to represent Russia, without a national anthem and flag, without uniforms in national colors, but they prove over and over again that they cannot be broken.

Proved Angelica Sidorovawho snatched gold from an American in pole vaulting.

Proved Maria Lasickenewho won the third consecutive title and entered her name in the history of athletics. And after many years they will remember that a modest inscription “neutral athlete” hides a Russian passport, which Masha will not change to any other.

It’s the turn to prove and Sergey Shubenkov – one of the best sprinters in the world in hurdling and just a brave, open athlete. “Fucking shame. Well, enjoy a “clean” sport, ”Sergei did not restrain himself after he was not allowed to attend the Olympics in Brazil.

He also had frank interviews about doping, Putin’s Russia, his small homeland and a leaking roof arena. Sergei is not afraid to call a spade a spade, not afraid to fight and defend his point of view not only on the treadmill, but also beyond.

Therefore, they love him in Russia. Get sick and worry.

Not a Russian, but a world champion

It is clear that Shubenkov is not the only and, perhaps, not the main favorite in the 110-meter hurdles at the World Championships. This was shown by the pre-launch statistics, as well as confirmed by preliminary races, as a result of which Sergey made it to the final.

In the final, the Russian has only the fourth best result of the season. The American Grant Holloway has 12.98, the Spaniard Orlando Ortega has 13.05, the Jamaican Omar MacLeod has 13.07. And only in fourth position in the season records before the final was Shubenkov going – 13.12.

However, it was not even pure figures that worried more, but the fact that Sergei lost to Holloway in the semifinal, having encountered one of his main problems – a slow start. Yes, we know that Sergey always “rolls” to the finish line, but without a fast start in the finals it is very, very difficult to cope with such frisky guys who gathered in a race.

Although Sergey understood everything perfectly, and perfectly knew what to do. Just like at the World Cup in Moscow in 2013, when he became a bronze medalist. Just like in London in 2017, when he took silver. Just like in Beijing in 2015, where he pulled out gold in a brilliant style.

It's funny that if all the other participants in the final were called with their nationality, and Sergei Shubenkov with the title. Not a Russian, but a world champion. Maybe prophetically?


Before the final race, there was a scandal. Instead of eight participants, it turned out to be nine: Shane Brathwaite from Barbados was included in the decisive race by the decision of the judges, because in the semifinal he was prevented by an opponent. Shane pushed Sergei Shubenkov to the very edge: he had to start on the first track. Was it important for our athlete?

Yes! The extreme track of the Russian athlete saved!

Shubenkov did not start fast, but not bad – at the first hurdles he kept up with all competitors except Holloway and Macleod, who from the start darted far ahead. But Sergey, as usual, began to build up the pace and “eat up” competitors one by one.

Jamaican Mcleoda I didn’t even have to catch up: on the last two barriers, he stumbled and fell, not reaching the finish line. Fortunately, this time Omar did not hook anyone, as it was in Morocco when he threw Shubenkov. But Sergey did not get Holloway. Oh, it would be another ten meters …

Holloway is the first. Shubenkov is the second. Frenchman Martino Lagarde on the third place.

This is the third medal of the Russian team at the World Cup in Qatar. Third pedestal. Shubenkov will stand on it, proudly raising his head, and fans from all over the world will again wonder why this guy is standing without a flag, and why he is not called out loud Russian.

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