"Ansar Allah": Coalition launched 50 raids on two provinces and went up frontier


The Ansar Allah group "Houthis", on Sunday, foiled attacks and attempts to advance the Arab coalition forces and the Yemeni army of the legitimate government, on the border with Saudi Arabia and inside Yemen.

Cairo – Sputnik. A spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces loyal to Ansar Allah, Brigadier General Yahya Serai, said in a brief statement on his Twitter-based page that "the aggression countries launched more than 50 airstrikes during the past 48 hours on the provinces of Saada and Hajja."

He added: "The raids targeted the property and farms of citizens."

He pointed out that the coalition "has risen on the fronts and some fronts of the interior through the launch of many creeps and infiltrations," stressing "the lack of any significant progress."

On Sunday, Ansar Allah warned, through the head of the Supreme Political Council, Mehdi Al-Mashat, against continuing the operations of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and not responding to the peace initiative announced by the group on September 20, which includes stopping targeting the kingdom's lands. Versus a similar move from Riyadh.

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