An engineer dies in Chile in an accident in a mine (photos, video)


SANTIAGO (Sputnik) – An engineer from the Chilean private mine Granate de Pucobre, located north of that country, died after falling to an 80-meter precipice while developing round services, Carabineros (Militarized Police) reported.

"Carabineros of the Second Copiapó Police Station (north) together with the Special Operations Group was constituted in the Garnet Mine of Pucobre inside Tierra Amarilla (north), participating in the rescue of a deceased miner," reported the Carabineros de la Región unit from Atacama (north) through its Twitter social network account.

The situation occurred at dawn on October 7 when a civil engineer in mines, chief of duty of the Garnet Mine Garnate, was conducting a surveillance round at the site and fell off a cliff.

At the site of the accident came first Carabineros with its officials specialized in rescue, in order to recover the body, and then the local prosecutor, Luis Miranda, was constituted to investigate the fact and causes of the accident.

Mining represents about 10% of Chile's Gross Domestic Product and copper constitutes about half of the country's exports.

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