Allegri: 'Juve? They thought I was screwed after Conte. Mandzukic special, on United … '


Massimiliano Allegri, former Juventus coach, compared to Manchester United for the future, he spoke to the Football Coaches Association and, subsequently, a Przeglad Sportowy. These are your statements, reported by – "I don't speak English well enough yet, but I'm learning."

STRATEGY – "I am one who listens more than I speak. When I arrived in Turin after Antonio Conte, many thought that I was screwed and that the winning cycle of Juventus was over, because the team was saturated. True, the situation was not perfect, because I found a team that needed to be rebuilt, which was exciting, but also risky, because you could have failed and Juve's failure is not covered, which is why I had to look for different ways to stimulate the group, I listened and I changed "There are two ways to be a good coach: authoritarian and open. I prefer the latter, so I listen more than I talk: in this way I get more information from the outside, which positively changes my world, because they push me to question my ideas. If I think something is right for one hundred percent, I'm worried about it and I consult this opinion with those around me. "

IBRAHIMOVIC – "At Milan Ibra was always inca ** tate because the others couldn't keep up with him and for two years I explained to him that the others didn't play like him and Ibra had to understand this thing".

MANDZUKIC – "A coach must know how to use a player for what he can offer and that's why Mandzukic is so special for me, he is a great player and he gave me an incredible amount of maneuvering. In the past he has often changed teams, but now he is at his fifth season at Juventus and this is one of my biggest successes ".

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