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The outraged reactions to a bizarre interview by the ZDF presenter Claus Klebers with Sebastian Kurz take on the net no end. In ZDF's "heute journal", Kleber repeatedly called for a possible coalition with the FPÖ to be canceled. It used to be Kleber, who had talked about the war against Russia.

Kleber spoke this time in the "heute journal" of the ZDF on Sunday evening with the ÖVP leader Kurz and wanted to hear from the beginning only that he would exclude a coalition with the FPÖ. All his questions immediately aimed at the fact that the Austrian government no longer needed the FPÖ.

"Still, tonight, you do not rule out a coalition with the right-wing nationals, why?"Kleber asked. To the answer of Kurz that after the election he actually did what he promised before the election, namely to speak with all the other parties, Kleber continued even more energetically: "Would not a clear announcement be the right one for you?" Short knew calmly to counter that: "Maybe you would know better what I should do than I know myself."

Again, Kleber put in and asked Kurz if he considered the hopes of other governments on the issue. Finally, "you know that the German government, the Benelux government and the France government are very hopeful that the alliance with the dubious right-wing nationals in Austria will end." "No, I am committed to my constituents and not to foreigners and not even any media representatives or other tipsters, "countered Kurz smiling.

In the various social networks, the Shitstorm has reached its peak for Kleber on Wednesday. Several thousand users are outraged by the apparently unprofessional behavior of Kleber. The prominent German lawyer and journalist Joachim Steinhöfel ironized on Twitter, "our opinion leader Claus Kleber tonight in his command post in the 'heute-journal' studio, fighting to the last breath against the right-wing in Austria, has fallen for Europe." ,

The German financial experts Marc Friedrich and Matthias Weik were ashamed of their part on the Facebook page for "Anti-democratic state propaganda at the expense of the German taxpayer",

The Koblenz district chairman of the SME and Trade Union of the Union (MIT) Adrian Nitsche also questioned on his Twitter since the disrespect of Kleber short.

Under the video on Youtube Kleber's toughest critics gathered. "If German journalism asks less for other opinions than to propagate its own, then we are at the state broadcaster ZDF", wrote the user Ansgar Anzinger. "Heavy swatter against an already battered and used glue. Send the ZDF into the desert, "said the user Travys Müller.

However, the hard style Klebers also found advocates such as the CDU politician Ruprecht Polenz, who considered the issue to be justified. Later clarified his position: "For those who find it quite normal that Sebastian Kurz wants to speak after his election victory with the FPÖ about a coalition: The FPÖ is the Austrian AfD, only worse."

Kleber's fantasies of a war against Russia

In April, the German public had been shocked by the sneaky wartime scenarios that Kleber made during the introduction to the "heute journal". At that time, the moderator literally sent German troops into the war against Russia, when he said with a serious expression:

"Good evening, on water and in the air, American, German and other European allies are on their way to Estonia tonight to beat back the Russian associations that have settled there in Crimea, similar to a few years ago."

Especially in the social networks, the users criticized adhesives violently. The "propagandistic Anmoderation" should be used to "create a habituation effect for a planned and intended warfare," some users stressed. However, ZDF considered it appropriate to begin its news program by ranting about a war against Russia. The goal was to convey to the message that the NATO Alliance was celebrating its 70th birthday these days.

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