After Tyrolean travel ban for tourists: Bavaria recommends a ski holiday boycott


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Bavaria's government reacts indignantly to the continuation of restrictions on alternative traffic in the Austrian province of Tyrol. She proposes her compatriots, as a countermeasure, to rethink vacation planning in the neighboring country, reports the news portal "Heute".

Bavaria's prime minister Markus SOder (CSU) argued that "in Tyrol, the roads are so overwhelmed" that it makes little sense, his Ski holidays to spend there.

"Why leave unwanted money in Austria when you get a big thank you in Bavaria?" He added.

According to "Today" SOder described such measures as a "behavior that friends just should not do".
The drastic measure is to apply on weekends and public holidays for the districts of Kufstein, Reutte, Schwaz and Innsbruck-Land, and that from 21 December 2019 to 13 April 2020. Not affected are target, source and adjacent traffic, said Governor Gunther Platter.
In summer, the Tyroleans State government For the first time in several districts of Tyrol rural roads blocked for travelers to relieve the traffic affected villages on the route between Germany and Italy.

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