'After taking the US coalition troops destroyed the base in the Syria-Turkey border'


Syrian state news agency SANA, the US-led international coalition Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) base near the border with Turkey in the region, announced that it has destroyed after pulling its troops.

US-led international coalition's Ain al-Arab (Kobani) of the base located at a position near the border with Turkey, after pulling its troops there destroyed in the news, was made the following statements:
“The US illegal coalition destroyed it after it withdrew its forces from the Harab Donkey base in Ayn al-Arab, northeast of Aleppo.”
Previously El Mayad a television, Ayn al-Arab, which US soldiers at a location close to the border with Turkey (Kobani) announced they abandoned military base near the city.

Following the announcement of an agreement between Damascus administration and Kurdish forces to hand over some areas in northern Syria to government forces, US troops withdrew from the region and left their bases in Tabka, Ayn Issa and Menbic.

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