After attack: Steinmeier wants to visit synagogue in Halle


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After the attack on a synagogue in Halle (Saale), Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier wants to allow a visit to the Jewish temple on Thursday afternoon. Also planned is a meeting with Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU), as the Federal President announced in the morning.

Steinmeier had spoken after the attack on the synagogue of shattering news and the solidarity called with Jewish fellow citizens. At a ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of the peaceful revolution in Leipzig, Steinmeier said Wednesday, such an attack on one fully occupied Jewish synagogue seemed unimaginable in Germany.

Attack in Halle

On Wednesday, October 9, an armed man in Halle (Saale) attempted to invade a synagogue to do a veritable massacre among dozens of believers. His attempt failed, however, after which he shot dead two people in front of the synagogue and then in a nearby Döner snack and injured at least two others.
The now arrested offender is after "Spiegel" information to the 27-year-old German Stephan B. His act he filmed with a GoPro camera, which he wore on his helmet, and streamed the crime live on the gamer platform Twitch , The perpetrator introduced himself in the video as "Anon" and denigrated the Jews as "the root of all problems" (including, according to him, migration and feminism). Excerpt from the recording, where Stephan B. tries to penetrate the synagogue, are Sputnik.

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