Adana-based operation against organized crime: detainees include prison director and police


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Adana Chief Public Prosecutor's office in Adana-based five provinces, an organized organized crime organization, 74 suspects were given the custody of the investigation within the scope of the investigation.

Adana Directorate of Public Prosecutor's Office Adana Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch Directorate teams, Adana-based armed organized crime organization in 5 provinces launched a study.

Investigation under the crime of bribery and manslaughter committed, the collection of checks and propaganda of the PKK terrorist organization alleged that the suspects in Adana, Konya, Mersin, Mardin and Izmir, 87 teams identified the dawn operation held.

In the operation, which was supported by special operations police, the teams broke into the houses and broke into the houses and detained many suspects, including the prison director and the police.

Adana Forensic Medicine Unit was taken to safety suspects passed health check.

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