Absent, Marine Le Pen sees his seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee taken by Dupont-Aignan


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The President of the National Assembly lost her seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee. This place will now be occupied by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the former support of Marine Le Pen, who, for his part, finds himself in the Finance Committee.

Marine Le Pen lost his seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, according to Le Parisien. His place was awarded to his former support for the 2017 presidential election, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.
In fact, this change is due to a rather technical problem. Members' seats are distributed annually by group, but non-attached members, such as those from the National Gathering, get only what is left. During the last session, the number of registered MPs increased as a result of the creation of the Liberties and Territories group, the number of places for non-members being automatically modified.
As for Marine Le Pen, she was unable to attend the new parliamentary session when the seats were distributed. This is how she lost her seat.

The President of the National Gathering also wanted to sit on the Law Commission, but failed to obtain it and will now sit on the Finance Committee.

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