A woman fallen on the rails of the metro saved in extremis at the arrival of the train – video


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A woman pushed on the subway tracks in Buenos Aires was saved just as an oar approached. The users did their best to stop the train.

A dramatic scene took place on the morning of October 15 in the subway of Buenos Aires, when a woman fell on the rails when a train arrived in the station.

The incident was recorded by the CCTV cameras of the station. On the images, we can see a man leaning against a wall falling to the ground, involuntarily shoving the woman who was in front of him on the platform, a few seconds before the arrival of the train.

Waving their arms, the witnesses on the platform tried to warn the driver while the woman was lying unconscious on the track. The train could stop two meters from her.

The passengers were able to help her get on the platform, before she was taken care of by the emergency services.

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