A video shows the Lebanese army confronting motorcycles bearing Hezbollah flags approaching the demonstrations


A video of what it said was the moment the Lebanese army dispersed a motorcade that it said belonged to supporters of Hezbollah and Amal, who had earlier reported to have taken to the demonstration.

The Lebanese demonstrators issued a statement, earlier on Monday, after the landing of supporters of "Hezbollah" to the scene of the demonstrations, calling for protection.

A video (Sputnik could not verify), posted by Twitter activists, showed a group of motorcycles bearing the flags of Hezbollah and Amal, headed from Chiyah, the southern suburb, wandering the streets and reaching the Ring Bridge in Beirut. ".

Lebanon has been witnessing for the past five days widespread and continuous popular protests demanding the resignation of the government, protests against economic policies.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri said in a press conference on Monday: "I do not ask young men and women on the street anything, but I serve them," adding that "the budget does not include any new or additional taxes, with the contribution of the banking sector."

The Lebanese cabinet began its session this morning, in the absence of the Minister of State for Social and Economic Rehabilitation of Youth and Women Violet Safadi, and ministers of the Lebanese Forces Party, who submitted their resignations.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun called on the Council of Ministers at its session to begin declassifying the bank accounts of those who hold ministerial responsibility at present or in the future, but the reform paper did not include this.

Aoun said that "what is happening in the street expresses the pain of people, but the spread of corruption to everyone in it is a great injustice."

Popular protests in Lebanon escalated today, hours before the deadline set by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, for political forces to agree on the paper of reforms, which is still subject to political controversy and popular rejection.

The demonstrators, in a previous statement, on Monday, rejected the reforms approved by the government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and called for the continuation of protests until real reforms, and the resignation of the government, stressing that "there is no confidence, no confidence in your reforms and your approach and the mentality of your system, and we reject the government reforms "We reject the policy of impoverishing people and completing with borrowing and privatization policies."

"There is no confidence in a government that is not in agreement with these reforms, where your reforms have been for years."

The protesters detailed the points contained in the reforms: "There is no value to the banks' financing of the deficit (for one year), and the demand is to recover the profits accumulated by banks as a result of the borrowing policy."

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