A family who lived for years in a cellar discovered in the Netherlands


Dutch police have discovered a father and his six children who have been hiding for years in the cellar of a farm, reports the NL Times website which refers to local media.

A man and his six children, aged between 16 and 25, were found by the Dutch police in the basement of an isolated farm in Ruinerwold, in rural Drenthe. They would have spent at least nine years there, say the NL Times website, which quotes local media.

According to RTV television channel Drenthe, the police made this discovery after a 25-year-old man with long hair, a badly-handled beard and old clothes, showed up at the De Kastelein bistro. in Ruinerwold.

The man, who looked disoriented, said he had escaped from a cellar where he lived with his father, his brother and his four sisters. He has admitted to having had no contact with the outside world for nine years, according to the bar owner, Chris Westerbeek, quoted by RTV Drenthe.
The police, alerted by Mr. Westerbeek, searched the farm indicated by the young man. There, the agents found a hidden staircase behind a living room cabinet. In the cellar, they saw a 58-year-old man and his five other children.
The children believed they were the only humans on Earth, according to RTV Drenthe. No information is available on the mother.

The neighbors, who did not know the family, believed that only one person lived on the farm, the media said.

The owner of the premises was arrested after refusing to cooperate. All occupants were evacuated.

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