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A brief shock and which, fortunately, did not cause damage. There are those who have not even noticed or those who have mistaken it for a gust of wind. But in some areas of Arezzo it has been distinctly warned. And where it happened, it wasn't taken lightly. Such as in the school complex of via Angelo Tricca. Following the earthquake of magnitude 2.6 this morning all the classrooms have been evacuated.

The magnitude 2.6 earthquake in Arezzo. Epicenter in Ripa dell'Olmo

For all the children and young people of the kindergarten, elementary and middle school, today, Thursday 17 October, was not the usual one. When at 9.20 the earth shook (with its epicenter in the hamlet of Olmo), teachers and the rest of the school staff tried to reassure the young students, calming screams and shouting. And they applied, correctly, the protocol for evacuation of the structure.

At 9.30 am the playgrounds were colored with children. After the fright, for all, the day is back on the rails of normality. But the return to the classrooms did not take place before one scrupulous structural verification carried out by the appointed engineer. After just over an hour, the lessons started again.

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