5 million euros of VAT diverted by car traffickers


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Thanks to a well-honed method, car traffickers have diverted nearly five million euros of VAT while pocketing the profits from the sale of vehicles. The manipulation would have earned them more than 25 million euros, according to Le Parisien.

Twenty people were arrested by the investigators of the Departmental Security of Nimes, Gard. These men are accused of having embezzled five million euros of VAT, thanks to a traffic of vehicles and the falsification of their gray card, reports Le Parisien.

The scam consisted of buying vehicles for sale in Spain and Portugal. When cars crossed the border, the state paid 20% of VAT to sellers, who recovered up to 5,000 euros per vehicle. Except that the cars were indeed in France, and were sold to unscrupulous garages for a price defying all competition. The fraudsters then recovered the VAT and the product of the sale of the vehicles. This traffic would have brought them nearly 25 million euros.

To confuse the tracks, the criminals had created fake companies in Spain and Portugal, and the documents of the vehicles were modified to make believe that the vehicle had been sold in one of these two countries before returning to France. After several months of investigation, the investigators finally arrested the guilty parties. More than 130 vehicles were seized, as well as 500,000 euros on several accounts of the traffickers, as well as 40,000 euros in cash, specifies the daily newspaper.

They will be indicted for "criminal conspiracy, concealment and organized fraud and laundering tax evasion," said the newspaper.

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