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Formula 1 travels to 2021 and in a few days, on October 31st, i. Should finally be officially announced new regulations, so eagerly awaited by teams and experts and publicized by Liberty Media, which hopes to make the F1 of the future more unpredictable and spectacular. According to the rumors published by the site Race Fans the first real news is there shouldn't be no postponement to 2022 for the implementation of the new guidelines, this hypothesis was also taken into consideration, but was discarded. At the same time the Ferrari will retain its right of veto, which will however be subject to restrictions and usable only in certain cases.

Steiner: "We don't want a GP1"

The planting of the new rules seems to have been mostly confirmed, despite the fears of several teams of a possible one 'GP1', a sort of championship with cars that are too similar to each other that would distort the historical essence of Formula 1. In particular, as already emerged in the previous rounds, six teams (Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, Haas, Racing Point and Toro Rosso) have raised objections on the question of standard components.

Rules 2021: only Renault, McLaren, Alfa Romeo and Williams are in favor

Some openings to the requests brought by the teams would actually have been made, but only in areas that are believed not to influence the work done to reduce the difficulties encountered when one car finds itself in the wake of another. A significant reduction in the aerodynamic turbulence, together with the implementation of the budget cap, must in fact be the heart of the reform.

FIA, no standardized brakes in 2021

Further changes accepted at the Paris meeting would be those concerning the front wings, with the aim of creating a more space for sponsor logos. Among the other aspects of the rules discussed there could also be the reintroduction of a partial freezing on the development of engines, in order to limit costs. As already announced, the idea of ​​standardizing the braking system has now been abandoned.

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