2020 maneuver, Conte-Gualtieri summit. "Share 100 remains, no tax on Sims"


Rome, 15 October 2019 – It is a crucial day for the 2020 economic maneuver. The cabinet, postponed yesterday, is scheduled this evening at 9pm European Commission the Budget Policy Document. Ergo, the agreement has to be made. At least in broad terms. In the late afternoon there should be a majority summit, while a lunch meeting was held between the premier Giuseppe Conte, the Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri and i technicians of the Mef. In addition to the policy framework, the one on the accounts is sought. "Getting them back is always difficult for everyone", the Prime Minister admitted this morning, who played down the rumors about government tensions ("The climate is not that reported by the newspapers"). Conte then flew to Tirana for the meeting with the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama.

Gualtieri, in the afternoon, approaches the white smoke: "We are still working on the last details, but the basic framework is defined", says the owner of the Economy. "It was difficult but we succeeded, VAT will not increase, there will be more money in payroll, more investments and a robust family package," he adds. This night's CDM should launch the Programmatic document, with Budget law and tax decree, with the formula "subject to agreements", thus leaving room for modifications. Meanwhile, the leader of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia, hopes that "the conflict within the Government will calm down and seek a unique direction of travel".

Share 100

An agreement would have been reached on Share 100 that the grillini want to preserve, Italy Viva di Renzi delete and the reshaping Pd. "The measure remains, we reason on the exit windows", explains Conte in the morning. So 5 star sources ensure that up Share 100 there will be no "change, even for windows". This would be the line that emerged after the summit between the Prime Minister and the MEF technicians. A meeting point that matches grilline requests. But the Renzians, who do not seem willing to make barricades on cancellation, still point to changes. Luigi Marattin of Italy Viva warns: "If you let 100 pass as it is, you create the Salvini ravine". And Matteo Renzi, after the words of Conte and the rumors of the 5 Stars, still raises the pitch boasting the measure on Twitter as "simply unfair".

Tax on Sims

The pentastellati would have also ticked off the new one tax on SIM cards destined for the business area. Balzello to whom they were opposed and that at this point, at least according to what the 5 Stars are leaked, can be considered skipped.

Deductions, tax wedge and cash

It remains to untie the retroactivity knot of the hold on tax deductions. Tension also on cash, with the 5 Star Movement who twists his nose in front of the crackdown requested by the dems. Di Maio and his companions do not want to pass as the tax party, while the Pd fears that the allies are aiming to transform the Renzi bonus from 80 euros in deductions, thus dismantling the increase in salaries that would be triggered by the cut of the tax wedge. A reduction which, Conte specifies today, will be applied only to employees and not to employers.

In the meantime, the hypothesis of a tax on plastics (around 20 cents per kilo) is making headway, with mini-taxes at the study on diesel, games and tobaccos. Microtasse that would be invisible to the Renzians. In the background there is always the node of the minimum salary, workhorse of the Cinquestelle.

Pensions, mini-revaluation

In yesterday's meeting with the unions at the MEF, the government opened a mini-release of theindexation of pensions already in maneuver. In practice, he offered willingness to lead to full revaluation of checks between 1,500 and 2,000 euros which now catches inflation at 97% (at 100% those recovering up to around 1,500 euros, or those up to three times the minimum).

In this scenario, pensioners with a gross monthly income between 1,500 and 2,000 euros would have around 50 cents more gross per month, around 40 net, in practice just six euros more per year. This, at least, is the calculation of the Spi-Cgil which in a note speaks of "a mockery". "At the year – states the union – they are just over 6 euros for 2.5 million pensioners. They are ridiculously low. It's offensive".

Research Agency

This morning, meanwhile, Conte announced that with the Budget law it will be born "a national research agency, which will have the role of coordinating the various university centers and public and private research institutions "

Imu warehouses

Among the measures that filter in the last hours, even the anticipation of one year, to 2022, of the 100% deductibility of the Imu sui sheds. With the maneuver they are reconfirmed Industry 4.0 is Nuova Sabatini. Sources of the Mise let know that now the remodulation in concert with the companies and a plan for the three-year period starts.

LE TAPPE – Sent the Planning Budget Document in Brussels, the Budget law should arrive in Parliament on 20 October. The final deadline for the approval of the maneuver is December 31: if the House and Senate have not fired it, the provisional exercise imposed by the EU will start.

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