15 tons of smuggled tobacco were caught: 'We are a large family, we use'


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In Corum, an operation organized by the police in a warehouse, 15 tons of chopped smuggled tobacco and a large number of cigarettes were seized. 3 suspects were taken into custody. The suspects who defended themselves by saying, "We are the crowded family, most of them use tobacco ourselves" were sent to the court.

Corum Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Police Department teams, raided a warehouse in the city center. 'Smoke' in the operation called 15 tons of chopped tobacco, 500 thousand counterfeit bander, 10 million bandrolon macaron cigarette, 3 million bandrolon full macaron, 100 knives, 1 ton hookah tobacco, 50 electronic cigarettes and 170 kilograms of illegal tea were seized.

B.B., D.B. and Y.B. was detained.

"We are a crowded family, most of them use tobacco ourselves," the suspects said in their inquiries.

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