14-meter tsunami hits Dabaa reactor in Egypt … official reveals what will happen


Amjad El-Wakeel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nuclear Reactors in Egypt, revealed what would happen if the tsunami hit 14 meters high Dabaa reactor in Egypt.

The agent said in special statements to "Sputnik" about the Dabaa reactor: "There have never been any problems between the Egyptian and Russian sides, on the establishment of the Dabaa reactor."
"We are working with Russia in an atmosphere of friendship, support, trust and mutual, and in order to achieve the Egyptian dream, and comes the culmination of great historical relations between the two countries."

The Egyptian official pointed out that the construction of the Dabaa reactor is going according to the schedule as agreed, adding, "We are trying to reach the initial delivery date of the first unit of the reactor in 2026."

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The Egyptian official said that the Dabaa reactor was built within the third generation developed for nuclear reactors, according to the strongest safety systems in the world.

"The Dabaa reactor can withstand the collision of a 400-ton aircraft loaded with fuel," he said on the sidelines of a major industrial week in Cairo.

"The Dabaa reactor can withstand 14-meter tsunamis without being affected or anything happens to it."

"It can withstand a seismic wheel of 0.3 gravity."

"The Dabaa reactor will be the safest reactor in the world, especially since we have a trap to turn the reactor in case of serious accidents," the agent said.

He said he expected the new reactor to supply Egypt with electricity in 2027.

As for the possibility of Egypt's import of electricity from Ethiopia after the construction of the "Renaissance Dam", the agent said: "We do not have any energy problems at the moment, but we have surplus, but nuclear energy is one of the key elements of the energy mix to provide energy insurance in the coming years."

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