Zelenskiy: Ukraine does not investigate on orders of other countries


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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy, US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's son on corruption allegations against the Ukraine did not investigate the orders of other countries, "We are open to investigation, but this has nothing to do with me. Our independent institutions, ready to investigate any violations of the law " said.

Ukrainian President Zelensky made statements regarding the investigation of former US Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Zelensky, "US President Donald Trump forced him to investigate the phone call about Biden," again rejecting the claims, "No one can not give us orders. We are an independent country. We are open to the investigation, but it has nothing to do with me. Our independent institutions, any ready to investigate the violation of the law ".

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) newspaper suggested in a telephone conversation with Trump in July that Zelensky wanted an investigation into the activities of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden's son in Ukraine.

Trump, on the allegations, argued that his meeting with Zelensky was entirely procedural, and the White House published the transcript.
The US press wrote that Trump said he would only help the Ukrainian leader if he investigated Biden and his family.
Trump said that $ 400 million in aid to Ukraine had been suspended before the phone call.

US President Trump's Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker also resigned because of the Ukrainian crisis that led to the dismissal investigation.

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