Zarif: US sanctions are unacceptable and dangerous


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The Iranian foreign minister described the new US sanctions as unacceptable and dangerous.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called the new US sanctions against Iran unacceptable and dangerous, according to Sputnik.

Upon arriving in New York to attend the seventy-fourth UN General Assembly, the Iranian diplomat said the new US sanctions aimed at blocking Iran's international trade and access to food and medicine. This is illegal and dangerous.

Zarif said that joining the US 4 + 4, whether as a 5 + 1 or as a guest, is a necessity to end the economic war against Iran.

Zarif continued: Americans have already imposed many sanctions on Iran. The central bank had previously been sanctioned and now sanctioned again.

The United States announced on Friday the boycott of the National Bank of Iran and the National Development Fund of Iran in connection with the attack on Saudi oil facilities, accusing Washington of interfering in the attacks.

US President Donald Trump has called the new sanctions against Iran the most severe in history.

Saying Abbas Mousavi, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, said the US sanctions policy has failed and the US is no longer the world's only economic superpower.

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