"You are a great teacher": Selenski was not stingy in talking to Trump with compliments


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In the phone conversation with his US counterpart Donald Trump, which could have serious consequences for him, the Ukrainian head of state has not saved with compliments. He repeatedly praised Trump and assured him of his friendship. Due to the telephone call, the US Democrats now want to consider impeachment proceedings against the US head of state.

Commenting on his party's electoral victory, Selenski said he had the opportunity to learn from Trump, "We've used quite a bit of your skills and knowledge and it as a rolemodel used in our elections (…) ", said Selenski according to the published protocol.

He and his team worked very diligently to drain the swamp in Ukraine, the Ukrainian president assured. "We have brought many new people to it. Not the old politicians, not the typical politicians, because we want a new format and a new kind of government. "

And further: "You are a great teacher for us in this matter."

As a result, the Ukrainian president complained about Chancellor Angela Merkel and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron: they would not enforce the sanctions against Russia actively enough. "It turns out that although the EU is our biggest partner, the US is in fact a much bigger partner than the EU, and I'm very grateful for that because the US does a lot for Ukraine."

Selenski took advantage of the hour to mention that he was on his recent trip to the United States in Trump Tower Stayed near Central Park, which should please the US president.

The Ukrainian leader repeatedly thanked Trump for his "support" during the conversation. Selensky expressed the wish to meet Trump personally as soon as possible. He invited the US head of state to Ukraine and even offered him his plane: "It could be a very good idea for you to travel to the Ukraine. We could either take my plane and fly to Ukraine, or take your plane, which is probably much better than mine. "

Telephone conversation puts Trump in distress

After days of pressure from US Democrats and the media, the White House released a transcript of the July 25 telephone conversation between Trump and Selensky on Wednesday. The Democrats had previously announced investigations, which could end up impeachment Trump.

This is Trump's alleged attempt to bring down his rival Joe Biden. According to the text, the US President asked his counterpart in Kyiv to investigate whether the former vice president had stopped investigating a Ukrainian company in which his son was involved.

According to the text, Trump said Biden "boasted" about stopping the prosecution. Biden should actually have the Ukrainian ex-president Petro Poroshenko to fire the then Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. In the phone call Trump Schokin calls a "very good prosecutor".

Selenski assured that the new prosecutor or the new prosecutor would deal with this case.

Joe Biden is currently the country's most promising presidential candidate for the 2020 election. Democrats see a potential case of abuse of power and attempted influence on the next presidential election in the Ukraine affair.

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