Yemen: Why the Saudi silence on the Najran operation?


The Saudi-led war in Yemen is at a standstill and the options for pursuing the war all face complex merits, said Muhammad al-Masari, secretary general of the Islamic Renewal Party.

"Saudi Arabia's continuation of the war in Yemen will cost it more losses, and its announcement to stop the war will in turn defeat it," he said in an interview with Panorama.

Prominent Saudi dissidents linked Saudi silence to Ali Operation NajranAnd the killing of Abdul Aziz al-Fagham, the bodyguard of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, explaining that the confusion experienced by Riyadh due to the circumstances of the death of al-Fagham caused no official position in response to the operation of the army and the popular committees in Najran.

When asked about the relationship between the two incidents, Masari said that "the incident of the death of the gloom occurred in the royal palace in Riyadh, not in Jeddah, as promoted by the official media, and came on the back of the king's dissatisfaction with the policy of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and that things have reached the limit Intolerable, especially with regard to the war with Yemen. "

He added that King Salman threatened the Crown Prince to appoint one of his sons to take over the crown prince, which prompted Mohammed Bam Salman to use his guards from the "Blackwater", and evolved to the death of al-Faghm, adding that the fate of the king himself became unknown after the incident.

Al-Masari advised the decision-makers in Saudi Arabia to "stop using Iran as a scarecrow and declare a unilateral ceasefire to sit behind the negotiating table with the Houthis, to stop the genocide of the Yemeni people."

Al-Mas'ari's comments came in response to the announcement of the Yemeni army spokesman to launch a major operation near the border with Najran in southern Saudi Arabia and the capture of thousands of coalition soldiers and vehicles, something the Saudi authorities have not confirmed.

"Three military brigades and a faction of the Saudi forces and thousands of prisoners have fallen and seized hundreds of vehicles," Yemeni army spokesman Yahya Serai told a news conference during an attack in the Najran axis supported by drones, missiles and air defense units.

Hadi's information minister, Muammar al-Iryani, said the so-called "Iranian-backed Houthi militia was promoting fake victories through its media, using old videos of a failed detour carried out months ago."

Al-Iryani explained in a series of tweets on his account on "Twitter" that "Houthi militias are promoting those victories" with the aim of covering up its political and military predicament and isolation of the people and raise the collapsed morale of its elements, and demonstrate its ability to achieve achievement on the ground and continue its proxy war for the benefit of its masters in Tehran and confusion On the crime of targeting Iranian oil company Aramco. "

Prepared and presented by: Fahim Sourani

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