Yemen … "Ansar Allah" announces losses to the army in the argument


Yemen's Ansar Allah group launched shelling on Monday in the northwestern province of Hajjah.

Cairo – Sputnik. According to Al-Massira TV, a spokesman for Ansar Allah, the group's fighters fired a homemade rocket type Zelzal 1 (range of 3 km) and a number of artillery shells at army positions in Hiran district northwest of Hajjah.

The group "Ansar Allah" that the rocket and artillery shelling resulted in deaths in the ranks of the army.

In the context, artillery "Ansar Allah" killed and wounded from the army, including leaders of the bombing carried out on the positions of his forces in the Directorate of Hiran and south and west of the Directorate of Haradh, according to "march."

The Yemeni army announced earlier today, killing and wounding members of "Ansar Allah" and damage mechanisms and artillery shelling targeted sites and reinforcements east of Hiran, and air strikes of the Arab coalition on various areas in the province of Hajja.

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