With the participation of a Russian jockey … Damascus International Equestrian Show Jumping End (video and photos)


The Damascus International Equestrian Show Jumping concluded its third edition today on the Olympic stadium at the Martyr Basil Al-Assad Equestrian Club in Dimas, Damascus countryside with the participation of knights from Russia, Australia, Lebanon, Iran and Syria.

The Iranian rider Ahmad Abbas Reza won the title of "Big Tour" category for 145 cm height, which witnessed strong competitions on two asymmetrical half, after exceeding the barriers of this category in 61.66 seconds without errors and Mohammed Jubrani came second in 59.56 seconds and Hani Badran third in 60.45 seconds With four errors each.

Knight Laith Al-Ali was crowned the winner of the Medium Tour category for height 130 cm, which was contested on the original and weighted

                    Sputnik. Mohammad Damour

Russian participation in the equestrian Damascus

This was followed by a time of 48.61 seconds followed by Mohammed Jubrani in 51.67 seconds and Sham Al-Assad came third in 52.88 seconds.

The Small Tour category for a height of 120 cm in which the knights competed for the first half of the original and the second round differentiation and ended with the victory of Aya Hamsho in first place time in 41.25 seconds, leaving second place for the Lebanese knight Tony Assaf in 44.22 seconds and third for Hani Badran in 45.94 seconds.

The first edition of the championship was launched in 2010 and was interrupted for years due to the difficult circumstances experienced by Syria, but returned last year to start again with its second edition and rated one star internationally.

It is worth mentioning that in conjunction with the conclusion of the Damascus International Equestrian Show Jumping in its third edition today, the Syrian knight Ahmed

                    Sputnik. Mohammad Damour

Russian participation in the equestrian Damascus

Hamsho ranked first in the Moscow International Equestrian Championship to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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