Why can having a gun be useful for a cosmonaut?


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CITY OF THE STARS, RUSSIA (Sputnik) – The head of Russia's cosmonaut group Oleg Kononenko said space travelers may need a gun if they land in a place where wild animals live, and Roscosmos studies the delivery of those weapons to the crew of the International Space Station (EEI).

"We may need a weapon, no one excludes the presence of wild animals on Earth, that weapon was removed from the portable emergency reserve, and now Roscosmos is assessing whether it is worth including again," said the Russian cosmonaut in a press conference at the Flight Preparation Center.

For the head of the Russian space group, any decision requires additional funding and many stages of discussions, but "the process is already moving forward."
The Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) values ​​the possibility that guns reappear in portable emergency reserve What each cosmonaut has.
On June 25 Kononenko, the Canadian David Saint-Jacques and the American Anne McClain landed in Kazakhstan in the vehicle of descent of the Soyuz MS-11 ship after a 204-day flight aboard the International Space Station.

Astronaut McClain warned at the press conference, dedicated to the return of the group, that the first departure of two women to the open space that was scheduled for March was not made, since the Space Station did not have a scuba prepared for these purposes.

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