Unwrapped Guests: British Households Experience Spider Invasion – Photos and Video


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In some parts of the UK, residents experience a true spider invasion, with many people having to seek medical attention following a spider bite. This is reported by the newspaper "Daily Mail".

According to researchers from the University of Gloucestershire, unprecedentedly high summer temperatures combined with heavy rainfall provide a fertile breeding ground for the spider invasion have created. There had been a reproduction of insects that feed the arthropods, so the explanation.

Of the round 650 species of these creatureswho are native to the country, twelve are said to pose a serious threat to humans.

Social network users share video and photos of spiders.

"Look, what a nice guy we found in the living room! British spiders are sometimes huge! ", One user writes under the nickname @TheHauntedHub on Twitter.

"It's so good that we have free parking on the streets. This allows the spiders to buy houses, "says another ironic Twitter note.

"What an exciting day at Bridgeman's house", another user comments on his unexpected encounter with an arthropod.

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