Uncovering the secret of a former MP's relationship with a young woman in Iran


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A security official has released details about the unholy and immoral video of the eighth and ninth round of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in cyberspace.

The fugitive Mustafa Mirshafiee, who was convicted of espionage and sentenced to death before fleeing execution, illegally fled the country by directing enemy intelligence services and hiring those involved, Sputnik reported. Some people with managerial backgrounds come to the country with different coverage, and after filming their personal relationships, they request confidential information and cash from overseas contacts, who, with the resistance of Mr. Ahmad Ali Moghimi, publish the documentation in public. Is.

The victim added that the victims had a temporary contract with a woman who was involved in the act, but had no knowledge of the enemy's intentions and were infected. All members of the network have been arrested and are in the process of judicial investigation. It is recommended that individuals in personal communications beware of adversarial relationships.

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