Two-thirds of Mondadori France's journalists leave the group after its takeover


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190 of the 330 journalists on permanent contracts at Mondadori France have decided to leave the press group after its acquisition by Reworld Media, announced on 30 September the inter-union. Thus, the journalists of Top Health all leave, just like those of Pleine Vie, with the exception of one employee.

More than two thirds of the journalists of Mondadori France have decided, after the repurchase of the press group by Reworld Media, to use their clause of transfer, a device which allows them to resign at advantageous conditions during a change of shareholder . The news was announced this September 30 by the inter-union that stresses that "the release in good conditions of several magazines, or even their output is shortcomings compromised."

"This unprecedented haemorrhage is the result of Reworld Media's strategy of shock since it became the owner of the French subsidiary of the Italian group," the inter-union said.

Out of 330 journalists on permanent contracts, 190 have played their assignment clause, as well as 74 freelance journalists, notes in a statement the inter-union Mondadori France, the third publisher of magazines in France.

Newsrooms that are empty

In some editorials, "there will be no journalists at all in the next three weeks. In others, there will be only one or two, "said the unions.
In fact, according to Le Figaro, all Top Santé journalists are leaving. In Full Life, the writing is also decimated, with the exception of one employee. 90% of the journalists in Grazia decided to follow suit. At Télé Star or Closer, nearly half of the workforce has resigned.
In this context, the inter-union recalls the disastrous consequences of Reworld Media's previous acquisitions and notes that the new leaders of Mondadori France have not seen fit to reassure employees.

They "remained deaf to the repeated warnings of staff representatives on the avalanche of surrender clauses that was preparing," the statement said.

"This huge mess today threatens the employment of all employees of the group Mondadori France, all categories combined," still underline the unions, saying that "given the weight of Mondadori France in the print media (8% of the volume of the courier business, nearly 5% of the total turnover of the sector), it is a whole already weakened sector which will be affected, from the printer to the newsagent ".

"Guarantee the interests of employees"

In this context, the Inter denounces "the indifference of the public authorities" and states that it "will take all the initiatives required to enforce the law, preserve titles and guarantee the interests of employees."

Le Figaro recalls that Reworld Media was built by buying distressed magazines, such as Marie-France, Gourmand, Home and Work or Auto Moto, but employs almost no journalists.

In mid-September, the Nanterre tribunal de grande instance dismissed a request from Mondadori France employees to suspend the transfer of the press group to Reworld Media.

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