"Turning existing rules upside down" – No Parking at Parking Day?


In the so-called "Parking Day", public parking spaces are being redesigned at short notice on public roads. The International Day of Action takes place annually on the third Friday of September, also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

"The 'Parking Day' is a creative intervention in the everyday life of the city, where the cars are very dominant," explains coordinator "PARK (ing) Day" from the association "autofrei leben!" Heiko Bruns in the Sputnik interview. "Car-free living" organizes the "Parking Day" in Berlin since 2009.

Not the classic protest approach

"The whole thing was done for the first time in 2005 in San Francisco by the artist collective 'Rebar'," says Bruns. "It's not the classic approach to protest, it's about the creative re-appropriation of public space by laying out turfs by making a sidewalk café by putting down bicycle stands, whatever comes to mind. What you could do with the 14 square meters, which claimed a parking lot, but simply nicer. "The customer review has been automatically translated from German.
The central rally takes place this year at the Kreuzberger Wrangelstraße. There will be no car traffic between 10am and 1pm. Various initiatives – including the ADFC (General German Bicycle Club), referendum bicycle or Changing Cities – and local residents then become the Wrangelstraße in a meeting place without cars turn.

Discussion desired

If you want to participate in the "Parking Day" yourself, you can check the Internet at www.parking-day-berlin.de/ what is offered, now 22 actions throughout Berlin, and participate there, or watch the whole thing. Bruns describes the basic idea as follows:

"You pull a parking ticket, have a parking disc and use the parking lot for the period differently than parking a car there."

His recommendation, however, is not to do this alone, because in a group or with several people it's all more fun. Turn existing rules upside down and usually there are cars, which can and should lead to discussions. You have to prepare a bit for that too.

Cities are dominated by cars

Also in Switzerland more than 50 projects for this year's "Parking Day" are announced. The day of action was known nationwide by the association "UmverkehR".
"The 'Umverkehr' association has existed for 27 years," says campaign manager Daniel Costantino. "At that time the mobilized individual traffic should be halved. For this an initiative was made, which is very much blown off. But we were supported by people who said the topic is important and it still exists after 27 years. Topics have actually remained the same: More space in the cities for pedestrian traffic, cycling, public transport, ideally at the expense of motorized private transport, In cities there are more and more households without cars – sometimes more than half – but the cities are still dominated by cars. "
The complete interview with Heiko Bruns to listen to:

The complete interview with Daniel Costantino to listen:

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