Turkish Airlines terminates agreement with Hamidiye, IMM's water


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TGS, the ground handling company of Turkish Airlines, terminated the water purchase agreement from Hamidiye.

Hamidiye A.Ş., a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). and Turkish Ground Services (TGS), a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines (THY), was terminated.

According to the news in Airporthaber, the ground handling services TGS'den Hamidiye brand, which is one of the affiliates affiliated to IMM, said the water supply was stopped.

As of 30 September, the contract with Hamidiye A.Ş., where personnel drinking water was procured, has been completed by Sırma Group İçecek ve Sanayi Tic. AŞ.

Hamidiye is used as glass water and Sirma brand is used as bottle in THY aircraft. It is not yet clear whether a similar decision will be made for THY.

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