Turkey and the US conduct the second land patrol in northern Syria


ANKARA (Sputnik) – Turkish and US military began a second land patrol mission of the so-called security zone in northeastern Syria, the Turkish Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

"In the framework of efforts to create a safe area in northern Syria east of the Euphrates, the military in Turkey and the US began the second joint land patrol with the use of vehicles and drones south of Akcakale in Syrian territory." says the note.

According to the Anadolu agency, four Turkish and two US armored vehicles participate in the patrol.

The first joint land patrol with drones and armored vehicles was carried out on September 8. Turkey and the US also carry out aerial patrols of the same territory.

In early August, the Turkish Ministry of Defense reported that Ankara and Washington agreed to institute a center to coordinate joint operations in a security zone in northern Syria, from which members of Kurdish formations should withdraw.

Damascus protested against the agreement that, in his opinion, violates Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity and violates international law.

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